The Island of Forgotten Legends

The Island of Forgotten Legends

About a plot

In the very heart of the Bermuda Triangle lies an unexplored land – the Island of Forgotten Legends.

“The stars, falling down in the sky, show where the Island is. Only the bravest ones will dare to cast their anchors near the cursed land … the prize is so great that it will make your dreams come true.”


The impossible happened: the stars fall down in the sky and three courageous teams sail away:

  1. The menacing pirates, flying the flag of legendary Captain Gold.
  2. The brave scientists, guided by Doctor Howard.
  3. The fearless Indians of the Choopas tribe, led by a wise chief named Furious Badger.

Each of the players dreams of his own treasure, but they need to solve the mysteries of the Island of Forgotten Legends together.

Over the course of the game

At the beginning of the game, the Game Master divides all the players into three teams. You get into character with the help of accessories provided by us: feather adornments, pirate bandanas, scientists’ hats and so on.
You are given a booklet with your character’s backstory, goals, and game items. You will have individual, as well as team goals.  There will be a Dream Treasure to be found – a different one for each player.

After reading the booklets, the players start the game by travelling around the Island of Forgotten Legends.

We have created a unique and captivating map. The players choose the most interesting route and the most important action on each stop. There are so many things to do: look at the stars, find food, solve the message written in an ancient language, avoid dangers and completing your own goals.
The game is designed in such a way that children learn to help each other and realize that cooperation also achieves personal interests. 

Game tasks require:

  • Cunning
  • Intelligence
  • Attentiveness
  • Leadership

Of course, the main purpose of the game is to entertain and to create a festive mood. So there will be loads of funny and crazy moments!

We also have the option of playing without booklets, if you are looking for more active way of the game.

Who will lead the Game? 

The plot needs 1-3 Game Masters depending on the number of kids and the client’s instructions. All Game Masters have conducted many children’s parties. They love children and can work with this  most difficult but the most grateful auditory.

Where and when can we play?

The children’s theme party game “The Island of Forgotten Legends” is a good format for a birthday party, prom or any other celebration. The game can be held in the open, in a house or a flat (if there is enough space) and in a restaurant (in a separate hall).
Duration: 2.5-3 hours.

Number of players: 4-36

Age: 7-14

Grownups can not only watch but also play.


Plot parameters:

Place & Time The lost Island in the very heart of the Bermuda Triangle
Atmosphere Adventures for real heroes!
Number of players 9-36
Players` age 9-14
Associations Pirates, adventure, treasure