Save Sleeplessland

Save Sleeplessland

About a plot

This plot was made for 5-8 year olds. We didn’t want reading skills to be a big part of the game. It was very important for us to come up with a smart, developing plot, one that will inspire the kids to take part in a magical quest.

How is the game going?

In the beginning of the game we show the kids a short & funny play to set the mood. If the event is playing in one room, the Game Master and the future heros will build a floating castle (out of your chairs and our blanket) on which they will go to Sleeplessland. If the space will allow us to transfer from room to room or use the backyard\park we won’t miss the chance!

The information about how to approach and fight the monsters the kids will get from the funny play. A good lesson on how paying attention may pay back. Each meeting with each monster will become a big adventure for the kids filled with strong emotions, obstacles, games and finally the sweet taste of victory.

How is our adventure better than watching a play?

Would you prefer to meet a hero or to become one?

The kids will meet 3 monsters (but shh..) :
● ghost
● zombie
● witch of nightmares
At the end the saved king will show up!

Between the stations the kids will look for hidden treasures, solve difficult riddles follow the given clues and play.


Who will lead the Game?

You can spend hours and hours screaming at the kids asking them to keep quiet, or you can quietly whisper to them “you will never believe what I just heard from the king of Sleeplessland…” That’s how our Game Masters work.

You will be greeting two Game Masters, one will be the Helper and travel with the kids while the other will play all the other roles, each master had a lot of practice and will provide a fun and safe time.

Game Setting (where & when can you play)

The game “Save Sleplessland” is perfect for a moderately sized group of kids for any sort of party/celebration from a Birthday to Mischief’s Day )))  The quest can be held outdoors (park or backyard), at home, in a classroom, or in a separate room of a reliable restaurant or cafe.

Duration: 1,5 hours.

Number of players: 1-15

Age: 5-8

Plot parameters:

Place & Time Once upon a time in Sleeplessland
Atmosphere Scared & fun
Number of players 1-12
Players` age 5-8
Associations Monster party, adventures