S.P.Y. Detective Agency

S.P.Y. Detective Agency

About a plot

Why is there no quest about detectives for children? Why is everything for adults? — our kids asked us these questions and we fixed the problem. We created a detective work theme. A kid can play this game and feel like a real detective. 

What the game consists of

Kids are visited by a Master-Detective who asks for their assistance with a greatly convoluted matter. What’s worse, the murder took place not far from here… just now, and right here someone stole… the birthday boy/girl’s cake!

Before we get to the detective work, the kids must go through a trial. The trial will test their attention, understanding, and mindfulness. Players are rewarded with a detective’s box of files. These files contain criminal profiles, evidence, fingerprints, props, and hints to help solve cyphers. At the crime scene, the kids are to carefully observe the evidence, and combine all of the completed tasks. Game masters are not to get in the way, it’s up to the kids to initiate and to problem solve as a group.

We create games that help children develop and nurture a love of thinking and problem solving. This quest focuses on wit and teamwork. Of course, kids having had walked in a detective’s shoes, will gladly read detective novels. We have compiled a collection of classic detective stories approved by writers, kids, and Questime Game-Masters alike. We will happily share this list with you! Our goal is also for kids to enjoy themselves as much as possible. Because of this, intermittently, there will be energetic games that will allow the kids to unwind and then be ready to continue their detective work.

Game tasks require:

  • Cunning
  • Intelligence
  • Attentiveness
  • Teamwork

The main purpose of the game is to entertain and to create a festive mood. So there will be loads of funny and crazy moments!


Who will lead the Game?

The plot needs 1 Game Masters. All Questime Game Masters have conducted many children’s parties. They love children and can work with this  most difficult but the most grateful auditory.


Game Setting

The game “SPY detective agency” is perfect for a moderately sized group of kids for any sort of party/celebration. The Quest can be held in nature, at home, in a classroom, or in a separate room of a reliable restaurant or cafe. Occasionally there are loud moments in Quest’s, for example: popping balloons with a pump. Kids really like this, but it can be a stress on adults. Because of this we want to reemphasize the importance of using a separate room in a reliable restaurant, if the restaurant is the option you choose.
Duration: 1,5-2 hours.

Number of players: 1-12

Age: 7-12

Grownups can not only watch but also play.

Plot parameters:

Place & Time Present Time
Atmosphere Detective story like Sherlock
Number of players 2-12
Players` age 7-12
Associations Sherlock, detective, fun investigation, spy