About a plot

The plot is a phantasmagoria of the 1960s. All players are passengers of a wrecked liner. They are drowning in the ocean now – the ocean of commonness. Only yellow submarines can save them…

We are lucky! We have the submarines. But, of course, they’re not enough. We need something else to be happy and each player’s needs should be taken into account. Everything you need can be bought with LOVES (game money) in the shop, which is open during the whole game. Creative approaches in decorating the submarine are welcomed. The players earn money and get materials from the Masters, or gurus, who live in the islands and enjoy making up unique tasks for the newcomers.


How do you play?

Firstly, all participants are divided into teams. At the beginning of the game, we carry out a warm up to make the players feel relaxed and think positively. Every team gets route sheets and a model of a submarine. The players then face adventures, laugh, music, art, riddles and trials.

All the stations are named for Beatles’ songs and are oriented to different skills, talents and preferences. It means that every employee of your company has an opportunity to show the best of themselves. Players will feel themselves to be a team, which means they can achieve more together than individually.

Brief information about the stations:

  1. All You Need Is …

What is coded in the formula? Will you guess?

The teams decode hilarious formulas from popular movies, songs and books.

  1. Come Together!

This is a station for those who love parties and music videos. Teams create an unforgettable show using materials on hand to impress the producer (a Game Master). But it won’t be easy to please then. Players will need: team cooperation, memory, quick wit and creativity.

  1. Yesterday

Players investigate a murder by string bracelets and fliers! Yesterday, the most devoted fan of the Grasshoppers died under suspicious circumstances.

All the musicians are suspected. The team should examine the band’s personal belongings and the dead girl’s diary to find the murderer.

As Questime specializes in plot detectives, we assure you it will be extremely interesting!

  1. I Want to Hold Your Hand

The teams fulfil tasks to become united. They go through a Love & Peace maze, a slinky team game and many other funny tasks. The most important thing here is that players enjoy acting together. No boring tasks or ropes courses. Only original common craziness!

  1. Across the Universe

This is a whole universe of funny and creative contests. Try to show a word, standing on the Saturn. Or guess which movie this screenshot is from:

On each stations players earn LOVES, which can be spent on everything a team needs to be happy. You can also buy materials and organize the space on your own.

At the end, the teams show their own unique and ideal yellow submarines and … the finale!

Questime cares about the culmination of the game. Our aim is that interest and fun should be sustained till the end. Power balances can change at any moment. In “Help”, the winner is not the team that earns the most LOVES (though there will be a special prize for that), but the team who made the submarine in which the most people would like to live.

Where is it best to play?

This plot party game “Help” is best played in the Seychelles J Saving that, a shore, a rest home, a park, a forest or an open-air café would suit. Even a spacious room would work, as we will do everything to ensure players have maximum fun.

Who will run the game?

“Help” is run by 5-13 outstanding Questime Game Masters. All of them have conducted hundreds of games before and they ensure that every game is both entertainment and performance.

Duration: 2 hours. Number of players: 16-200 ppl Age: 16+

Plot parameters:

Place & Time 1960s
Atmosphere fun
Number of players 30-200
Players` age 18-99
Associations the Beatles, love&peace, hippies, teambuilding