the "Fairytales over" hotel


About a plot

Kassel is a town straight from the pages of a child’s storybook. Here all the girls dye their hair black and style it in the manner of snow white and the men wear fashionable green hats with feathers in the manner of the huntsman.

It was this very town that Fraulein Schiffer, the supermodel, chose for her ‘fairytale’ photo shoot: “The pine forest, those sweet little houses, they will make my eyes pop and really compliment my complexion!”

Kassel, the home of the Brothers Grimm, attracted Herr Erzächler, a collector of fairytales and man of extreme curiosity. It was he who noticed that the biathlonist Herr Hartman, who, incidentally, had recently been enjoying the ski slopes of Kassel but was now suffering from a cold, entered the “Black Cauldron” pharmacy to exit it a whole hour later, I would like to write “absolutely healthy”, but miracles rarely happen. Alas, Herr Erzächler is a desperate bore. He also ‘happened’ before that to notice that Fraulein Schiffer’s bodyguard Herr Wolf had also spent about an hour in the pharmacy. The pharmacist was extremely put out by the impertinent questions of Herr Erzächler. Frau Kruger herself had recently arrived in the town, although she claimed to have lived in Kassel once before when there had been fewer curious numbskulls!

      nd in total agreement with her is Frau Weiss, who, truth be told, has no right to agree since she herself has only just arrived in Kassel. Her name, however, is on everyone’s lips. Frau Weiss is the owner of “Sweet Dreams”, the largest supermarket in Kassel. Frau Weiss supplies further juicy details: it would seem that both bodyguard Wolf and biathlonist Hartman don’t just spend their time in the “Black Cauldron” pharmacy but in the “Sweet Dreams” supermarket as well, in the fruit and vegetable department where new employee Fraulein Schwartz works. Her rosy cheeks are comparable to the red apples she sells.

The fact, however, is almost all the inhabitants of Kassel spend a lot of time in the “Sweet Dreams” supermarket. In literally one week the shop became the most popular in the town. A miracle? Far be it from me to tell you that there is no such thing as a miracle. There is, however, such a thing as marketing. Judge for yourself where you would rather buy your apples: at the market or in a shop with such a poster in the window?

Aaaaa… yes, you don’t yet know about the “Kind Fairytale” hotel. Now, this is more akin to the miraculous; the fact that you don’t know about the hotel is in itself extremely strange. A room in this hotel will set you back around 10,000 euros per night, but even if you have this kind of money, there is a five-year waiting list. Advance booking a room in a hotel is the same as planning a holiday in advance. Such is the practice in Germany. What then, is so attractive about this simple, even rustic house in the wild wood? Beneath the rough shell lies a true fairytale. Not a spa-fairytale, nor an all-inclusive fairytale, but one after which everything else will seem flat and grey. Each person who comes to this hotel finds himself caught up in such fantastic events that would beggar the rich imagination of any adventure seeker!

– Coughed up 10,000 euros? Course you did!

They say that Cinderella and Snow White came and fought each other for a kiss! Ha! Derisively notes shop girl Stephanie from the “Sweet Dreams” supermarket. And rightly so, for she of all people, can call herself a true native of Kassel.

Who do you think, Dear Reader, won a stay in the “Kind Fairytale” hotel? Let us not guess too long, for we are already acquainted with the lucky ones: pharmacist Kruger, biathlonist Hartman, supermodel Schiffer, bodyguard Wolf, supermarket owner Weiss, apple seller Schwartz and fairytale collector Erzächler. Of course, shop girl Stephanie did not win a stay in the hotel. She has lived in the same place for too long and lost the ability to believe in miracles.

There are a few other people in the hotel: assistant to the mayor Frau Schöne, married couple Frau und Herr Silver and adventure hunter Herr Neimann, the last three being amongst those who can spare 10,000 euros for a fairytale night.  A sign on the door reads: “Welcome adventure seekers! Please leave your riffles in the rack”. Herren Hartman, Erzächler, Wolf, Silver and Neimann dutifully leave their weapons on the rack.

In the hotel lobby the guests meet the hotel manager, a strange bald man in a pointy hat. Without even letting the guests put down their suitcases he began to tell the story of…. But here, not even Herr Erzächler would be able to sensibly recount his story. The manager dragged them over to look at the cupboards that lined the walls. What wasn’t in them! Crystal slippers, crystal balls, silver bullets, mirrors, the heart of a deer (the very one that the huntsman brought to the evil queen), baskets filled with pies, and shelf after shelf of replicas of the magical paraphernalia of famous fairytales. One of the cupboards was shut fast, although Herr Erzächler did tug at the door.

– Ah, that particular door is better left closed – warned the manager.

– It is the entrance to another world. You call it the land of fairytales. Incidentally, allow me to introduce myself. I am Rumpelstiltskin, wandering dwarf and magician. You may call me simply Rumpel.  When I say ‘wandering’ I am not referring to your narrow understanding of the word, wandering the terra firma of one planet, but to the true meaning: wandering between different worlds. An expensive hobby, by the way! In order to fund myself I have a few business transactions, both large and small. It’s very lucrative, which some can already confirm… and for a person to agree to my conditions, it is necessary to put him in an impassable situation. Because you live such a boring life in this world, there is me, a sort of peripeteia demigod, a superfluous and despicable man, without whom you would not be able to negotiate with your conscience, would be unable to tell stories, unable to fight for happiness, unable to achieve great feats… in short, your life would be long, happy… but very boring…”

– Might you perhaps demonstrate something magical?” – Herr Erzächler tore himself away from his notebook and gazed doubtfully at Rumpel.

– What do you think? – said Rumple smiling slyly.

The cupboard with the tightly shut doors turned into ice.

– Now the gateway to another world is sealed and you are my prisoners! Only joking!

At this the guest were rather taken aback… all began to think longingly of relaxing alone in their rooms. But as is wont, it was not to be.

On the wall by the stairs a blood red text began to appear:

“The day of reckoning has come.  

The heart will not beat long”

Bodyguard Wolf fainted. Herr Erzächler, being a colossal bore, decided not only to read but to touch the inscription. “Lipstick!” he pronounced triumphantly. “It’s only lipstick!”

And, indeed, everyone felt better.

The guests went their separate ways to prepare themselves for the evening. However, that evening there was a strange occurrence. I would say more spooky than strange. Bodyguard Wolf, who had fainted at the sight of lipstick on the wall, suddenly noticed an object floating in his soup… a heart! Wolf began to tremble. The guests, fearing another fainting attack, took him outside…  Fraulein Schiffer lay on the snow in a puddle of her own blood. Frau Weiss, Fraulein Schwartz and Herr Wolf screamed as one. Frau Schöne gaped open mouthed. Frau Kruger seemed to smile, as did Herr Neimann. Herren Hartman and Erzächler knelt down to examine the body. Herr und Frau Silver went pale.

– She had It coming to her” – shop girl Stephanie would have said if she had been there… The snow was coming down thick and fast and soon there was nothing to see and the guests hurried back into the hotel.

– As you may understand, the fairytale has ended – intoned the voice of Rumpel. I suggest you seal your deal and play, as it were, a little GAME with me…

How it works?

Our Game Master will lead the game, creating a special atmosphere and providing costumes, accessories, and music to transport your imagination to the magic hotel.

Every player has a role and is assigned a few goals which can be achieved through interacting with the other players. And not just murder! In every quest there are multiple story-lines that intersect with each other. Every hero has a variety of goals in addition to discovering the culprit. Even the culprit has more to do than just hide, even the culprit has to solve their own batch of mysteries.

All roles are complete! We don’t believe in having any supporting roles. We’ve come up with a way to integrate new characters so that they either bring in a new mysterious plot-line, or add to an already existing one.
This means that even if your role was the twentieth one added, you would never guess it.

The end of the game is a time of dark doings, when characters freely murder one another. This keeps the participants tense and engaged. According to reviews of our games, the emotional roller coaster they provide is akin to one provided by extreme sports.

Who will lead the Game?

The plot needs one Game Masters. A Game Masters main job is to get the participants to free up against any inhibitions, to get the participants to start to feel like they themselves are actors. From our many years experience of putting on these themes we have learned how to write informed guides on the different games, and we have learned to select and train our Game Masters so well that after an initial game repeat clients tend to ask for whomever they had before.

Where and when can we play?

“The Fairtale over hotel ” theme party game  is a good format for a birthday party, corporate event, prom or any other celebration. The game can be held in the open, in a house or a flat (if there is enough space) and in a restaurant (in a separate hall).
Duration: 1,5-2 hours.

Number of players: 6-10 ppl

Age: 14+

Plot parameters:

Place & Time Germany. Today. The small hotel near Kassel…
Atmosphere Magic detective
Number of players 6-10
Players` age 14+
Associations Once Upon a Time


Fraulein Schwartz: If your husband brings you back two sacks of apples, rest assured today was Frau Schwartz’s shift. A girl with the world’s most charming smile. Next time you’d better do the shopping yourself.

Fraulein Kruger: Pharmacist, loved by all Kassel. Women call her a guardian angel for her miracle working remedies. Men simply call her ‘angel’ for… well… never mind.  In the “Black Cauldron” pharmacy you can not only get medicine for any compliant, but also… catch up on the latest gossip! (What did you think?!)

Herr Wolf: Bodyguard of supermodel Schiffer. Although he is never parted from his weapons, he nonetheless is not known for his courage.

Frau Weiss: Who said that a beautiful woman could not be a successful entrepreneur? Frau Weiss has only recently come to Kassel but has already managed to bring back to life an ‘emaciated’ supermarket by the name of “Sweet Dreams”. All of Kassel now buys their goods there. All thanks to a miracle; the miracle of marketing.

Herr Hartman: Observed on skis with a gun. Kassel dwellers are, however, are not surprised by strangeness; especially in the guise of such a charming biathlonist.

Herr Erzächler: Collector of fairytales. A very strange profession for the 21st Century. But after all, the law does not forbid a man to go off his rocker if he wants to. His over curious nature could, however lead to a law suit for contempt of privacy laws.

Herr Neimann: His thirst for adventure knows no bounds, neither geographically nor morally. He sincerely rejoiced at the events in the hotel: from the cold hearted writing on the wall to the offer to play a bloody game. He always carries a trophy riffle with which he shot lions in Africa.

Herr Silver: Owner of the “Silver Gun” recording studios. Booked his room in the hotel 1 year in advance. Suspiciously happy, as though it were his honeymoon

Frau Silver: Wife of the producer. Usually this in itself is enough to know everything about her and our Frau Silver is no different. Graceful. Stunning. Carefree. Silent …

Fraulein Schöne: The secret assistant of Rumpel. “Secret” is not a witticism. Truly, nobody knows anything about her.