About a plot

You meet with other fearless adventurers meet to play a game called “Clockwitch”. It shows a clock face with a turning hand. The hand starts whirling when it is touched. An insistent wind begins to blow. It blows stronger and stronger, until a terrible vortex hurls you all into a gloomy hall. You and your companions have been transported to medieval times! There are statues all around – the fate of the previous players.

The Game

“Clockwitch” was created by a witch to steal the lives of brave children who never follow the rules. Along the way you will learn important details about other players, allowing you to guess which of you is the villain. When all the steps are completed, you will vote on who should be turned into a statue…


Who will lead the game?

Our professionally-trained Game Masters love children and are experienced in work with this most difficult yet most grateful                                                                                  audience.

Where and when can we play?

The children’s theme party game “Clockwitch” is a good format for a birthday party, prom or any other celebration. The quest can be held in a house (if there is enough space), in a restaurant (in a separate hall) or outside.

Duration: 1.5-2 hours.

Number of players: 6-10

Age: 9-14

Grownups are invited to not only watch but also participate.


At the beginning of the game, the Game Master involves the kids in a couple of introductory games to familiarize them with the way the actual game is played and to determine which role is best suited to each child’s temperament.

Next, the kids read their booklets. The booklets contain a brief and fun description of their character, objectives for the duration of the game, and useful hints to help them adjust to the game structure.

Then the interesting part begins: the kids act out their unique medieval characters (thematic costumes are included). Over the course of the party, the players freely interact with each other, collaborating to get to the bottom of the mystery: who is the real Clock Witch/Wizard and who are his/her allies? During the search through murky paths and tangled leads, their individual powers will help them succeed!

The Game Master relaxes and engages the kids in the process through fun and intellectual mini-games, in which the characters can win extra points for the finale. For example, the kids train their accuracy in the medieval game of cerceau (hoopla).

In the finale, the Game Master helps the kids uncover the real story, pointing out the positive and creative ways each child contributed to the solving of the mystery.


Plot parameters:

Place & Time Camp/Medieval Castle
Atmosphere Terribly exciting, but fun!
Number of players 6-10
Players` age 9-14
Associations Jumanji, medieval, magic, intrigue, games and activities.


Stargazer. You are sophisticated and mysterious. When talking to a person, consider what they are not saying as much as what they are saying. Be keen, be observant.

Cook. You are a kind, smiling person. But when a villain is at large, they would do well to fear you. When you find them, they will have a choice: be a stew or a steak?

Healer. You are careful and concerned. Are there any injuries? Is everybody all right? You can offer your patients a magical pill (vitamin C) to help them think, or a relaxing massage to persuade them to vote in the right way.

Judge. You are calm and thoughtful and trust your own judgment. Today there will be a fight between the forces of good and evil. Everyone will try to convince you that they are on the side of good. But they will need to provide proof, as you believe only facts.

Knight. You are brave and decent. Say things like, “How could the other knights of the world let anyone steal children’s lives?”, “I’ll put an end to this.”, or “The evil will be rooted out!” You can shake your sword for effect.

Prince/Princess. You’re indignant that you’re here — you have a kingdom to run, after all! But you’re also smart enough to unite your new subjects to fight against the dark wizards.

Smith. You’re strong, and everyone should know it. You should laugh often and ominously and burst out, “Ha-ha! Fear, villains! I’ve almost found you!”

Shepherd. You are timid and perplexed. “How did I get here? Dark magic? Will we all die? Oh, God!” You can even pass out for effect.

Hunter. You are strict and determined. You can’t resist the temptation of frightening someone by sneaking up on them and shouting “Bang!” After all, if a person is nervous, they must have a secret.

Troubadour. You’re a careless and funny fellow. You believe that the good will conquer and in singing songs.