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Are you looking for a legendary wedding party?

Wedding Party Book a Theme Party Game and…
    • Embark upon a captivating adventure with your friends!
    • Bring unacquainted friends together in an unforgettable way!
    • See your old friends in new roles!

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“ What fun. Thank you to organisers for the invite, generosity of spirit and imagination !!! Time flew by and actors still wanted to go on : ))) Hahaha, it was awesome.”

- Inga Puzikov -


Watch videos to imagine what a plot party game is

What is a Theme Party Game?  
It is an atmospheric, narrative game in which every player has a role and a goal which can only be reached through communication with the other players.
It is a film in which you star.
It is a show without an audience, only actors.
It is a story being written here and now.

How is the Game played?
The game can be organized in a café or at home. You can either chose the venue yourself or apply to us for help. The game format of the game allows for dining and refreshments.
A few days before the game each participant receives an intriguing letter with the prequel to the game and advice on how to create an inimitable character. We provide costumes, props and atmospheric music. The Master of the Game explains the rules and selects the roles. Then it is over to the players to spread intrigue, solve riddles, exchange information and resources, and make true and false promises. The Master of the Game actively and creatively advises the players. The main part of the game lasts around 2 hours. In each scenario there are always elements to make the game more complex: arrests, auctions, competitions, poetry recitals, elections speeches and much more. Even when the Master of the Game begins his summary the game is not over. Each player is involved in the process of dénouement, each player’s history and goal is of great importance. Even after this, as our experience shows, the game is not over. The players continue to discuss the game for an hour or two, or a week, or a month! Who turned out to be whom, what secret crimes were committed, promises given and confidences betrayed! “How could she behave like that! She seemed so respectable!“

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How much does a plot party game for a holiday cost

- Regular offer for private party -

from $450.00

  • The game you’ve chosen
  • The place, date and time of the game
  • A soundtrack complementing the plot
  • Basic set of accessories (hats, top hats, fans)

- Premium offer for private party -

from $800.00

  • Everything the regular offer includes, PLUS
  • Choosing of the presenter
  • Photoshoot (at least fifty professional photos)
  • Expanded set of accessories

* Notice that you should ask the Questime representative if all the options are available in your region.

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