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Are you looking for a unique birthday party for your kid or teen?

Kids'and Teens' Birthdays Book a plot party game and…
    • Embark upon a captivating adventure with your friends!
    • Bring unacquainted friends together in an unforgettable way!
    • See your old friends in new roles!

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“ I had a birthday party for my daughter. We had a total of 20 kids over, ranging from 11-14 years old. Everyone was ecstatic from the game!!! The game leader was fantastic. Two and a half hours flew by in a blink of an eye. Thank you for the efficient organization, for the included game leaders, for the cool themes, and for your attention and approach to our party!”

- Carol -


Watch videos to imagine what a plot party game is

For young kids and teens we conduct two types of parties: Theme Party Games and Adventure Games. Both styles create a fun, festive, and engaging atmosphere while helping kids develop useful skills.

A Theme Party Game is a mystery game structured like a story that you write right here and right now. Every player gets their own character and goals, which they can only achieve by communicating with other players.It’s a movie in which your child is the main character. It’s a play without an audience, only actors. For ages 12-18 years old.

An Adventure Game is a team game, where kids learn to assist each other while embarking on a quest together. Game tasks may require many different qualities: dexterity, quick-wittedness, attentiveness, leadership. For ages 8-14 years old.


How does a game happen?

A quest for a child’s birthday can be organized at a cafe, in a park, at home, or anywhere else you want. You can find and choose a space on your own, but we can assist you with this process.

In an adventure game, the kids conduct a series of team challenges in order to achieve a final goal or reach a final destination and bring the story to conclusion. They compete against each other and themselves. The wide variety in types of challenges will allow every child to showcase their different abilities. The game master will help lead the teams through the tasks and make sure they enjoy themselves as much as possible in the process.

For a theme party game, every participant will receive an intriguing letter with a bit of a backstory a few days beforehand. At the game, the game master assigns everyone a role. Then the game begins: with the help of atmospheric music, costumes, and props, the players will immerse into the story. They begin communicating; they scheme against each other, expose deceptions, and exchange information and resources — though not always as honestly as it may seem. Aside from the murder, each game has other events that happen throughout the nights: arrests, an auction, poetry readings, an art competition, elections and campaigns, and more. The Game Master consults the players throughout the game, answering any questions and helping them in their schemes. And at the end, all questions will be answered. Every character will “take off their masks” and reveal their secrets. The participants often go on discussing each other’s behavior for another hour or two, or sometimes a whole month!



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How much does a plot party game for a holiday cost

- Regular offer for private party -

from $450.00

  • The game you’ve chosen
  • The place, date and time of the game
  • A soundtrack complementing the plot
  • Basic set of accessories (hats, top hats, fans)

- Premium offer for private party -

from $800.00

  • Everything the regular offer includes, PLUS
  • Choosing of the presenter
  • Photoshoot (at least fifty professional photos)
  • Expanded set of accessories

* Notice that you should ask the Questime representative if all the options are available in your region.

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