What is a Theme Party Game?

A Theme Party Game is an atmospheric, narrative game in which every player has a role and a goal which can only be reached through communication with the other players.
It is a film in which you star.
It is a show without an audience, only actors.
It is a story being written here and now.
At the heart of each Plot lies a detective story.
For example, honourable ladies and gentlemen gather for a house party only to find their host lying dead in his bedroom. Who is the murdered? What is the motive? When did it happen? How did it happen? Where did he hide? What can a salesman be doing here? Why isn’t the deceased’s niece more upset? Oh, and by the way, just what were you doing between three and five o’ clock?
“So,” we hear you ask, “Does everybody search for the murderer?”
“Of course not!” we reply!
Each player has 4-5 personal goals which they must achieve throughout the course of the game, only one of which (unless, of course he is the villain) is to find the murderer. We will, however discuss these goals later. For now, the main thing to realize is that a Theme Party Game is far more multifaceted and engaging than ‘Mafia’ or other such murder mystery games.

Why did we start plot party game business?

Anticipation is a great feeling, and we want to fill you with curiosity before the game begins. To this end, a few days before the game each participant receives an intriguing e-mail with the prequel to the game and advice on how to create an inimitable character. We provide costumes, props and atmospheric music. The Master of the Game immerses the players into the history of the game, explains the rules of the game. The Master selects the role that each person will take on.

In your envelope:
1.  Items and Money.
2.  Booklet with your role which upon reading you will discover:

  • The character of your hero.
  • Your personal history which has a direct link to the main narrative.
  • How you came to be at that place at that time.
  • Your relationship to the other characters.
  • What you already know that will undoubtedly help you in the game.
  • Goals which you must reach during the course of the game.

We hope we have convinced you! If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call us. We will be happy to discuss things further by telephone.

Types of Goals:

  • Find the murderer
  • Murder someone
  • Get married
  • Enforce a law
  • Negotiate with the Captain for your steamboat to arrive at a mooring that is more convenient for you
  • Paint a picture that will be chosen for the cover of a famous magazine
  • Find the Prince of Wales and get him drunk
  • Place a winning bid on a fine piece of jewelry at an auction

…and many, many more. Each character has 4-5 different goals. You can concentrate on just one or go for all of them.

After reading the booklet and listening to the Master of the Game’s instructions, players begin to reach their goals, communicating and negotiating with other participants of the game, who naturally have their own goals. They weave intrigues, reveal conspiracies, exchange information and resources, and make true and false promises. The Master of the Game actively and creatively advises the players.

In each game there are ingenious items that make the game even more exciting. For example:

  • The ability to go to a certain place and find there something important.
  • An auction of rare Indian jewels.
  • A presentation of poems and pictures created during the game.
  • A legalized vote for the next Grandmaster.

Even when the Master of the Game begins his summary the game is not over. Each player is involved in the process of dénouement, each player’s history and goals are of great importance. We have thought through the scenario unfolding plot to the minutest detail to make you long to unravel the tangle of intrigue until the very last minute, until the main villain is unmasked. Even after this, as our experience shows, the game is not over. The players continue to discuss the game for an hour or two, or a week, or a month! Who turned out to be whom, what secret crimes were committed, promises given and confidences betrayed! “How could she behave like that! She seemed so respectable!”.

Where do Games take place?

Open games, where anyone can play, are held in the restaurants of your town at convenient times (usually at weekends). Incredible talented and interesting people come to these events (the dull stay away!) and so, a Theme Party Game is a great way to meet like-minded people. For more information see the timetable of events in your town.
Another format is the custom game. For example: a birthday party game or game for a corporate event. Here you can chose the plot and the time and place. We bring the game especially to you!
Regarding the place: A Theme Party Game can be held almost anywhere:

  • In a restaurant
  • In your home
  • In your office
  • Even outside

The format of our games can incorporate drinks and dinning.

Format of the Games

A classic Theme Party Game is played by 9 to 23 people.
Games last from 2 — 3 hours. If you would like to prolong the enjoyment of the game, we are ready to accommodate you. The venue in which a game is played, should allow participants to get up from the table, move around the room, be secretive in a corner or simply have privacy at a table.

Mini-game, designed for 6-10 people last about an hour and a half. Players sit at one table and converse with each other openly. The Master of the game presents them with interesting tasks and gives intriguing possibilities, making mini-games as exciting as a full Plot Party Game.

“Once upon a time in the Galaxy” is a game that has been specially created for corporate events and large groups. It can be played by 23 – 50 participants. The action is team-based, but each player is a unique character with his or her own personal goals. Likewise, the game is well organized in terms of time and space.

How are Theme Party Games different from other games?

Atmosphere. Our brand name incorporates the word TIME which is an important concept for us. We endeavour to create an atmosphere in which you forget about minutes and seconds and are transported to another era, to Victorian England, or to the future, billions of light-years away in another galaxy, or to the unreal world of magic. The fascinating stories of characters, the colourful format of the games, the costumes, props and atmospheric music fully immerse you in the era.
Professionalism. We do not consider Theme Party Game to be leisure activities. For us they are an art from, like cinema, drama or literature. Each plot is created by a team consisting of a writer, editor and designer for 6 – 9 months.

What makes Theme Party Games so great?

Theme Party Games are a great way to relax, evoking strong emotions, and creating lasting memories. They offer the chance to take on a new role, have a new destiny, to travel to another country, to another era. A chance to take great photos!

Theme Party Games are great for your health. Each plot contains a great deal of humour and irony. Besides this, when your best friend becomes the head doctor of a psychiatric hospital and your work colleague becomes a cabaret dancer… well, take our word for it, it is very amusing, and we all know that value of laughter!

Theme Party Games bring people closer. It is interesting to play with your friends whom you know well, to see them take on totally new roles. It is unbelievably interesting. But how about playing with a large group of people you do not know well, or with colleagues that only ever discus work-related issues? Why not attend an open event and meet your fellow participants for the first time? This is also great because during a game, everyone has the chance to reveal their true self and show their best sides.

Theme Party Games are the best training. 

  • Effectively communicate and be useful to someone in exchange for something that will be useful to you.
  • Reach the ultimate goal step by step.
  • Act decisively and take risks.
  • Enjoy life, for this is the main rule of Questime’s plots: “Enjoy the Game!”.

We hope we have convinced you! If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call us. We will be happy to discuss things further by telephone.