At Questime we believe that the greatest joy is the joy of human interaction. Our goal is to make that interaction an adventure and provide an alternative to digital entertainment. We create mystery stories in the form of quests — RPG-style games in which each player has a goal to complete and obstacles to overcome. Sometimes participants play their own character and sometimes they play as part of a team, but every time, they discover something new about themselves and the other players.


Key Characteristics of the Business

  1. No facilities required — all our games are formatted so that they can be played anywhere: at home, in an office, restaurant, park, school, etc.
  2. Franchise pack contains plot for adults, teens, and children from age 5.
  3. Various games can accommodate anywhere from 6 to 200 people.
  4. Average length of game 1.5-3 hours.
  5. Perfect for parties — the games are made to create bright, funny, and memorable moments that players will be talking about for a long time.
  6. No special knowledge or preparation required from the participants.
  7. The games are led by Game Masters. We will train your game masters to successfully immerse the players into the story, create an engaging atmosphere, and end the game effectively.

Questime was founded in 2013 in Russia. Our live quests are currently running in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and 12 other cities. We launched in the USA in March 2017 in Boston.

From 2013-2018, we have run over 7,000 games with over 150,000 participants. With your help, we hope to increase this number many-fold.



The Format of the Games

Live Quests (Themed Party Games)

6-23 players

Every player receives a booklet with information about their character, including backstory and their goals for the game.

Corporate Quests

20-200 players

Participants will form teams and go through a series of challenges at game station. Each of these quests contains its own backstory and unique atmosphere. The games help develop creativity and critical thinking and solidiy team spirit.

Quests for Kids

Starting at age 5

3-36 participants

Specifics depend on the ages of the participants, but all our kids quests contain a unique plot which unites storytelling, theater, investigation, and active team-based games.


When are quests usually ordered?

  1. Adult birthday parties.
  2. Corporate parties and team-building events.
  3. Kids’ & teens` parties.
  4. Family gathering —  we often have three generations playing at ones: teens, their parents, and their grandparents. This is ideal for family parties. If there are younger kids, we often run a quest for them in parallel.
  5. Special events and celebrations such as proms, sweet sixteens, bar and bat mitzvahs, baby and bridal showers, housewarming, etc.
  6. Open games: we announce the time and place of the game and interested participants buy tickets beforehand.
  7. Seasonal games: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, and more.  We sell tickets for open games through outside sites like Eventbrite.
    We create landing pages to advertise private and corporate events.
    In Moscow, the Winter holidays increase sales fourfold from average monthly income.



Benefits of the Questime Franchise

  1. Both fits into the quickly-growing genre of mystery entertainment like escape rooms and is unique among them.
  2. Low initial investment
  3. Minimal consistent expenses. There is no need for a facility to run games, an office, or special equipment.
  4. Payment of employees depends directly on amount of sales.
  5. Easy to run business: a sales manager takes orders and divides them among game masters.
  6. Original games. Every quest is written by Questime’s founders. We think carefully about choice of theme and atmosphere, always keeping in mind age group, culture, and potential types of events to maximize our audience.
  7. A growing arsenal: every year, we create 2-3 new games, which is critical for keeping repeat customers and expanding existing audience. We choose themes and formats based on reviews from our partners and customers.


The Questime Franchise includes

1.      Exclusive conditions on the area. Only you & your company will conduct Questime quests on your sales are.

2.      Printed games materials ready for the party. You should buy & add only stationery & costume props.

3.      Marketing strategy & consulting:

  • Online & offline marketing strategies.
  • Templates for advertising via google adwords & facebook ads (targeting, texts, searching words).

4.     Websites  & & landing pages:

  • Сlients will see you phone number & corporate e-mail (like You have admin access for the website & may create your own schedule for open games. You receive all clients request in your sales area.
  • Landing pages (Christmas & New Year Eve for families & for corporates, murder mystery, adult, kids, teens birthday party).

5.     Social media:

  • Design & templates for social media pages.
  • Pages on Fb, Insta, Youtube, Meet up. Linkedin & Pinterest in 2019.
  • Сontent strategy.
  • Marketing strategy.
  • Content – pictures, videos, texts for posts.
  • New posts every week on our social media. You may use these posts on your local pages.

6.     Advertising materials:

  • Presentations.
  • Video.
  • Leaflets, business card, posters templates.
  • Small games (kids & adults) for promo events like festivals, flea markets, etc.

7.      Sales scripts:

  • Calls & sms.
  • E-mails.
  • Social media messages.
  • Sales meeting.

8.     Trainings:

  • Skype sales trainings.
  • Masterbook for each plot.
  • Skype training for your game masters for each plot.
  • You can ask us any questions about sales & marketing any timeю Your games masters can ask us any question about the gameplay.

We also give you hints how to find great game masters.

9.      Every month we create smth new for sales & marketing. And give these features to you.


To start Franchise


  • We will give you access to all our marketing and education materials, as well as guidance in organizing the business.
  • We will print four plots (five game packs, since one comes in two languages) and send them by mail.
  • We will provide training for you and your employee over skype on marketing and promotion, running quests, and organizing businesses. After your first games, we will answer any questions that might arise.


 Franchisee partner

  • Find your game masters. We will help you with this.
  • Start promoting.
  • Build your network: interact with potential clients, gather people for open games, communicate with potential partners.
  • Run the games!


Questime Founders

Mark & Natalia Minskii

617 460 7006