Aboard the “Bright Future” Steamboat

Aboard the “Bright Future” Steamboat

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This plot is currently available in Russian only!

USSR. 1923.  The young workers of Odessa theater group are sailing to Turkey for a tour. Just imagine, during rehearsal, the main actress was shot! “Comrades! It is the scheming of our enemies!” – say the Checkists. “It is the scheming of the Chekists!” – say the enemies.  “Eat, Drink and don’t worry about it!” – says Benya Krik. But we know that the truth is somewhere in the middle… between you and me, getting to the bottom of all this is going to be absolutely darned interesting!

Duration: 2,5-3 hours. Number of players: 9-23 ppl Age: 14+

Plot parameters:

Place & Time USSR. 1923.
Number of players
Players` age 14-99